Koh Chang waterfalls

There can be found many bigger or smaller waterfalls on the island.
To enter to the most popular you need to pay the relevant entrance fee - 200 Bahts for foreigners.
The locals visit waterfalls to have a bath and picnic.


Than Mayom

Than Mayom waterfall is located near Than Mayom port and its entrance lies behind the Marine National Park headquarters. You can reach the waterfalls using a well marked path. It is a series of three waterfalls on Klong Mayom river. The middle waterfall lies about 500 meters from the first and 3 km from the last. You can stay overnight in the area if you have a tent. The place offers a tremendous sunrise view.

Klong Nonsi

MA small waterfall with several cascades. The path to the waterfall starts at Ban Dan Mai, nearby the Ko Chang police station.


Klong Plu

This waterfall is accessible from the western coast and due to this fact it has become the most popular and most visited one on the island. It lies about 800 meters from the car park following a well marked path. The water falls into a "pool" where you can take a bath.

Klong Nung

It takes about an hour to reach the waterfalls and you need to overcome a large stone on the way. The highest waterfall of Ko Chang. Getting here is a challenge, but the reward is a wonderful nature view.

Kheeri Phet

Lies about 2 km from the Salak Phet fishing village. Multi-level waterfall. During the dry season you can climb as far as the 7th level of the Kheeri Phet waterfall. During the rainy season the rocks are slippery and climbing them is dangerous.