Local transportation within Koh Chang Island


You can go around the island via the only available road that surrounds the island like a horseshoe - the southern road connecting both parts is still under construction. Songtheaws are local taxi cabs that virtually flood Ko Chang and it's not a problem to stop one of them because they keep going to and fro on the main "boulevard" of the island. The ride usually costs 30-50 Bahts per person, but it is recommended to agree on price prior getting in. If you want to get off, you just need to look for a key located in the ceiling of the passenger compartment or knock on the driver's cabin.

Motorbikes and jeeps

However, the most comfortable transportation might offer renting a motorbike or a jeep.

You can find a variety of rentals and renting an automated scooter can cost 200 Bahts per 24 hours, a stronger bike (chopper) 500 Bahts per 24 hours and renting a pick-up about 1,200 Bahts per 24 hours. With longer rental periods, you can benefit from better prices.

Petrol needs to be bought separately and costs approx. 30 Bahts per litre. You can buy petrol at petrol stations or actually anywhere - there are many stalls along every road offering "Gasoline" (usually in bottles from whisky or Fanta).