Thai food & drinks


Ukázka thajské kuchyně

The Thai cuisine is simply awesome. Wherever you go you can find restaurants, stalls or carts with small grills or large frying pans. And at every single of these places they prepare meals.
Thai meals can be cooked to be very hot, but you can ask the chef or waiting staff to prepare it less hot or even totally mild and they will be more than happy doing it.

Among the main Thai dishes you can find noodles - not the usual Chinese noodles you might know from Asian fast foods within the Czech Republic, but wide rice noodles prepared as a stand-alone dish with meat (beef, poultry or pork) or sea food. Noodles are always prepared as mild, while served you also get a bowl with 4 slots containing ground chili and chili pickled in various kinds of vinegar and you can spice your serving as you wish.
The second main Thai meal, maybe even more important, is rice. Rice is prepared either as a side dish or in a form of baked rice or as a stand-alone dish served again with meat or sea food.

Fastfood lovers can find American-like McDonald's or KFC restaurants in the city centres, but I think it would a pity not to taste the Thai cuisine.


It is strongly recommended to drink only packed beverages. This is not a problem as beverage resellers can be found on every corner or even more often.

Water in 600ml bottle costs approx. 10 Bahts, in supermarket you can buy a 1.5l bottle of water for 17 Bahts, 600ml Coca Cola or Pepsi is worth 17 Bahts. In restaurants the prices are higher, but that is more than acceptable.


Beer is available only bottled or packed, either small (0.33l) or big (0.64l). Most often you can buy Chang (6.5% alcohol), Singha (approx. 5%) and Heineken beer. Other local beers are Leo or San Miguel.

We have been definitely mesmerized by Chang and in spite of being offered Singha everywhere, we have been always asking for Chang :-)

Big beer costs approx. 45-65 Bahts in a supermarket or 55-85 Bahts in a restaurant.

Thai whisky - Mae Kong and Sang Som brands. Whisky is in Thailand distilled from rice and from our own experience it can be said Mae Kong is disastrously awful and Sang Som is something you can drink at least. But give it a try for yourself...