Thai massage

Who has not experienced, cannot understand. A classic Thai massage can vary from toe massage to head massage.

There are many massage variations: - classic (approx. 250 Bahts/60 min.), oil (300 Bahts/hour) and then other special kinds of massage.
A massage therapist (a man or a woman) gradually wash the body of the massaged person and then carry out the massage itself. Step by step, the whole body part by part. For a stiff body of a European person it can be quite demanding.

There are plenty of massage saloons on Ko Chang (and in Thailand in general). We were wise enough to heed advice of the locals and visited a bamboo hut called Sima Massage. Since the season was not in full run, the massage took about 90 minutes. At the end of massage one got a cup or two (according to one's preference) of aroma tea, could have had a seat at the porch and calmly absorb the experience.