Elementary Thai phrases vocabulary

With help of several following phrases you can make the Thai people happy:

Hisawat dii krap (man)
sawat dii khá (woman)
Good byela kawn
Thank youkhob khun krap (man)
khob khun khá (woman)
Never mind / no problemmai pen rai
How are you?sabai dii reu?
I am finesabai dii

Finally one more phrase that has its magic. When you are bothered by a Thai seller and you still cannot get rid of him, you can tell him a hundred times "No, thank you". It won't help all the same and he starts to offer his stuff for 101th time.

However, if you use "Mi jao, khob khun krab" (it supposedly means the same thing - "No, thank you"), the seller will in 99 cases out of 100 go away to bother someone else...

"Tested on people" - and it really works.