Renting a kayak

Výlet na kajaku

Renting a kayak and setting sail to sea can present a pleasant experience.

Kayaks can be rented in almost all hotels, prices vary around 100 Bahts/hour, longer renting periods offer the possibility of negotiation and getting a better price.

Kayaks have two or three seats, made of plastic, safe and unsinkable. When you rent a kayak, you mostly get life jackets as well. We strongly recommend to use them, sea is simply a sea and can be treacherous.

Výlet na kajaku

Among interesting routes belongs for example a route from Kai Bae beach to Koh Man Nai islands (approx. 600 meters from the shore) or more distant Koh Yuak, Koh Pli or Koh Man Nok (approx. 2,5 kilometers from the shore). The trip can take 2-3 hours but it can be more depending on the physical dispositions and latest sea conditions. The tiny islands (especially the farest ones) are scarcely visited and they are simply beautiful.