Koh Chang island

Koh Chang Island is the second largest Thai island (the largest is Phuket) and it is the main island of an archipelago consisting of 52 small islands that form a national marine park.

The name "Koh Chang" means "Elephant Island", but it did not come from elephants actually living on the island, but from the shape of the island that resembles an elephant having a bath.

Basic facts about Koh Chang

The island is about 30 km long (from north to south) and about 14 km wide and is home to almost 5,500 people. Koh Chang is nowadays considered to be "a lost pearl" as the tourism is not frequent there as on other islands, despite the fact it offers lovely places, white sandy beaches and decent infrastructure.

Koh Chang can surprise you by its jagged structure. In the middle of the island there is a mountain range covered with jungle with its highest peak of Kaho Salak Phet (744 meters above sea level) which divides the island into two different worlds.
The western coast has larger beaches and that is the reason why most resorts, hotels, restaurants and amusement centres and parks are there.
The eastern coast offers less accommodation opportunities. It is place where mostly local people live and where you can find a hospital and local governor's office.

The following beaches are situated on the western coast of Ko Chang Island:
  • Hat Sai Khao (White Sand Beach) - the busiest part of the island with most luxurious and expensive hotels. A sandy beach. Many opportunities for social activities and entertainment in the area.
  • Kai Mook Beach - a small quiet beach separated from White Sand Beach by a forested hill. It is a stony beach suitable for diving.
  • Laem Chaichet - lies between White Sand Beach and Klong Prao. Sandy, slowly descending into sea.
  • Klong Prao - a long sandy beach lined with coconut trees. Offers vast opportunities for entertainment - restaurants, shops, an internet coffee...
  • Kai Bae - a sandy beach with many palm trees that provide a pleasant refuge from the sun during hot days. It was originally just part providing accommodation, but there are currently intentions to open a small plaza with shops in the area. In vicinity (600 to 2,500 metres) of the coast lie islets reachable by kayaks.
  • Tha Nam Beach (Lonely Beach) - a beach offering white sand in its nothern part and stones in its southern part. A tranquil place with less bars and restaurants.
  • Bang Bao - the most southern point of the island. A small, quiet beach. A near fishing village with houses built above water around the central pier slowly changing into shops with all kinds of goods.
The eastern coast does not have so many beaches, but the more it is a place with "natural" surroundings. One of the largest beaches of this part of Ko Chang is The Long Beach in the south-eastern corner of the island.