Elephant ride

Elephant ride, Thailand

In Europe they say that the most beautiful view on world is from the horse back. It must be noted that neither the view one world from the elephant back is bad.

There are several elephant breeding stations on the island. Due to safety reasons they breed only elephant cows - those are calmer and do not get frightened which cannot be said about their counterparts.

The elephant ride starts with mounting. You can get to a howdah - a seat placed on the back of an elephant - using an elevated platform. The elephant has on its back a driver called "mahúd" who navigates the elephant and controls it.

The rides differ in terms of length, but usually the routes go through the water, meadows and jungle - and the view from above on how the living "offroad" overcomes an unsurpassable dirt is impressive. You can talk to mahúd and even try to ride on elephant's back yourself.

The last attraction (included in the price of the trip) is elephant feeding after returning from the tour.